When the first ever plane will take off from the Jewar International Airport in the coming future, the first in the list of landmarks that made that flight happen would be the name of the village consisting of 480 land-owning families.

The premise for one of the nation’s largest infrastructure endeavors will be set at Ranhera, which would bestow 100.59 hectares to the set of land required for the airport and is one out of six villages designated for land acquisition. The entire 1239.14 hectares of land acquisition in Parohi, Kishorpur, Ranhera, Rohi, Dayanatpur, and Banwaribas has been estimated to happen in around 2 months, but the administration is planning for the foundation stone placing ceremony in the first week of March after the acquisition processes in Ranhera and Parohi.

According to Balram Singh, ADM (land acquisition), the management has arranged the files of 400 farm owners of Ranhera along with the compensation for Parohi from where 134.19 hectares land is to be acquired. They will initiate distributing the compensation directly to the bank accounts of farm owners to ensure the transparency from Friday itself.

Jewar-Airport ProjectsThe progression of the airport and the shifting of the families would be taking place concurrently across two years. The governing body has planned a rehabilitation and resettlement report of 8971 influenced families. Although only the houses of 3627 families would be acquired and relocated.

The families influenced by the progression would get 50% advanced land equivalent to the covered area of their homes. Singh further added the owners would be shifted in the planned and developed sectors that would feature hospitals, playground, post office, banks, etc.

The shifting and the resettling processes of farm owners would be gradual and up till they do not settle in their respective new place, they would be getting all kinds of basic facilities and services. The acquisition of the farming land will be done first, followed by the houses and the affected folks would be getting monthly maintenance quota of Rs. 3000 for one year after the date of distribution of compensation.

According to the administrators, Ranhera was decided for the ceremony because of its convenient connectivity and accommodation for VIP movement. Rakesh Singh, one of the landowners among the 70% who have given their consent said they are supporting the land acquisition and have also conveyed the objections for increased compensation.